I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and although my career as a paralegal has not followed that path, in my heart I have always wanted to develop a business I am passionate about. I am passionate about this community and have spent my 20 years on Nantucket Island subtly offering help to others when I can.

I moved permanently to Nantucket in 1997 and worked as a paralegal at Vaughan, Dale, Hunter and Beaudette until 2018. Through my paralegal career, I learned how to integrate both my executive functioning skills and problem solving. My ability to take on a project and help people and the community is important to me and has become a part of my life. I have established a reputation for being an effective project person and often non-profits, school and friends seek out my help. In marketing consignment, the most positive feedback I get from customers is that I am kind and effective and clear communicator. However, I think my most important assets are my own life experiences, challenges and empathetic non-judgmental nature, which are helpful to those who need gentle understanding in transitional times and complicated family dynamics that can be very emotional. I’m organized and create an easy-to-understand clear plan for individuals or families to follow through on their own or with my help.

Over the course of 2020, with covid restrictions and an exploding real estate market, I was asked to help various friends do some downsizing. I quickly realized that I could use my skill set and my vast network of connections to move things quickly, safely and efficiently and soon I was getting referrals to do paying jobs to clean out homes, storage units and help individuals and non-profit organizations sell items for the benefit of a cash donation. A vision began to form and “Resale on the Rock” was born. Rather than doing consignment solely for profit, I have a different approach of a full-circle system for the benefit of our community. I provide a useful service for a small commission, while the owner receives a service to achieve their goal, possibly some of the net proceeds cover their moving and dumpster costs, they then donate a portion or all of the net proceeds and hopefully keep things out of the landfill. The community gets the opportunity to purchase deeply discounted items for their own benefit, sometimes beautiful artwork or high-end furniture or useful items they would not otherwise be able to afford, while also feeling good about contributing to benefit a local charity. In the end the “stuff” has made it’s way to a meaningful home where it adds value to that person’s life and funds and items that did not sell are donated to charity where they add value to our Nantucket Community.

How it works:

  1. Contact me at resaleontherock@gmail.com for a consultation or appointment to discuss your project.

  2. Once we meet, we schedule a second meeting to take photographs and measurements.

  3. I create a full inventory with suggested pricing for review.

  4. I post items on my Instagram, Facebook page and Nantucket Consignments on Facebook and sell like I’m on fire.

  5. I schedule and coordinate all pick-ups of sold items either at a mutually agreeable time and date at your home or if small enough I bring to my house for convenient pick up.

  6.  If necessary, I will conduct a “yard sale”.

  7. I collect and manage all the payments throughout the project and send you inventory updates. At the conclusion, you receive a full accounting, showing net out of my commission, evidence of donations to charity and your net proceeds payment. In cases where I donate items to other charity thrift organizations, I obtain their donation receipt and provide that as well.

  8. Generally, start to finish it takes about 2-4 weeks for most projects.

For this great service and support of the community, I charge 25% commission and suggest that a minimum of 25% of net proceeds be donated to a charity(ies) of your choice.